Swann NVR4-7085 4-Channel 720p Network Video Recor

Swann NVR4-7085 4-Channel 720p Network Video Recor


Product#: SWNVR-47085H-PB

Swann NVR4-7085 4-Channel 720p Network Video Recorder

  • Details

    Color: White
    Swann's latest network video recording security system with 720p high definition live viewing & playback in real-time (25/30 fps per channel)
    State-of-the-art digital imaging technology for 10x the picture sharpness of traditional security systems including analog CIF
    Just add 4 cameras for full 4 channel monitoring
    Set & forget by recording continuously from 4 channels for 48 days+ onto a 1TB hard drive or even longer with motion detection
    DVR can support up to maximum of 4TB
    Save time & have peace of mind by easily locating incident video, then transfer to external storage via USB or network
    Connect in minutes using SwannLink ‘Peer to Peer’ easy network connection software
    Security in the palm of your hand with live viewing on your Smartphone or tablet including iOS (iPhone, iPad) &Android devices using the free ‘SwannView Link’app, with email notifications if there is activity
    Professional surveillance system gives you peace of mind by being able to see the detail you need from longer distances including license plates, faces, clothing colors & more, all in HD

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