ACP-EL4 Elite 4 Door Access Control Power Supply Package

ACP-EL4 Elite 4 Door Access Control Power Supply Package




In order to make it easier for our customers, we’ve combined the ACP-EL4 , Elite 4 door access controller with a four channel high-quality, UL rated, 12V DC power supply. This also features surge suppression and offers a fire alarm interface so you can connect to fire alarms.


The actual controller can manage up to four card/fingerprint readers, four electronic locks, four exit buttons, four door sensors, and a number of different alarm functions into a fully integrated computer-managed system (all readers, locks, sensors, exit buttons, and alarm devices available separately). The 16MB storage allows you to store large amounts of information including event records and information for as many as 100,000 unique card holders.


Configure the controller to work with cards, password, fingerprint or a combination of all of these. There are plenty of other options to help you manage who comes and goes at your business. With all of the choices to set rules for users, you’d think you could only do so much but, this is capable of supporting 128 groups of schedules to control user access and another 128 groups for temporary holiday schedules.

This measures 16in (H) x 16in (W) x 4.5in (D) and has both 1/2in and 3/4in knockouts. We've also included a 2.1mm Female Lead Plug that will allow for easy connection



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